Our Philosophy


The relation of human with the rest three concerns means such a lot. The utilization of all three in the right way can help human and its co-beings.

This philosophy is the cornerstone of DART. The passion of young people, students of Polytechnic schools, which will lead them to the invention of a technologically innovative flying object that will help humanity. The philosophy described above is supported by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) with its competition named “UAS Challenge”. Maybe the meaning of this philosophy could be described more efficient in the following question “How can a drone help people who are trapped after a physical disaster? “


The competition UAS Challenge is organized by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) in Great Britain and it constitutes the leading competition in the Aerospace field that this Institution organizes. Our team aims to be the first Greek team taking part in this competition, as it combines with the best possible way the development of innovative ideas and human help.

Our Target

Target of DART is the design and construction of a quadcopter, which will be capable of offering relief efforts to people who are affected after a physical disaster. The drone will be fully automated and will be able to accomplish missions with speed and accuracy. The missions contain the identification of objects on the ground and the transportation of medical kits to affected people. Besides, our team aims to make good use of the drone conducting additional research on this field in order to find new implementations.

Our team

Our team has focused on developing the mechanical and electrical designs. In particular, our members are using computer-based programs such as, Solidworks, Ansys, Ansa so as to complete all the study, design and analysis of the construction. At the same time, the Marketing Department works on the promotion of the team, searching for sponsors and creating the business plan. To sum up, in order to enrich our knowledge and obtain new experiences we have participated in many conferences. Especially, DART attended recently in conference “PRESS19”, which was accomplished in Crete, where we presented data from the first aerodynamical analysis that conducted on the propeller of our drone.