Last year was the most difficult and most exciting simultaneously for DART. Despite the fact that the planet was facing COVID-19 pandemic, our team continued its effort to create a rescue quadcopter. From September 2020 to July 2021 the team created a quadcopter and presented it to the UAS Challenge 2021 competition. The team stood out as the Highest New Entrant, whereas we classified 7th in the general ranking.

The quadcopter was inspired by the steep mountains of Greece, where there is limited space and time for rescue teams. Therefore, the construction must be fast, easy to handle and with excellent maneuverability.

The UAS Challenge helped our team to set the frame for the construction of a rescue drone. Our team faced multiple tasks related to design, construction cost analysis and marketing of the structure. This was a chance for our team members to get in touch with real business problems from different business departments.

The total score of the UAS Challenge virtual event arises from 4 categories. The 4 categories are the following:

  • Design Review
  • Design Report
  • Manufacturing & Test Report
  • Simulation of the real mission (using X-PLANE software)

The team achieved a total of 385 points, a score that judges commented as excellent for a first attempt at this competition. It is worth mentioning that our team scored the 4th highest score in the X-PLANE category meaning that our construction completed the mission gracefully  with safety.


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