“UAS Challenge” is a competition organized by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

since 2014. The main concept of the challenge is that when a natural disaster occurs, drone will help

people who are cut off and urgently need supplies, such as food, shelter and first aid supplies. The

drone will be capable of operating automatically, proceeding to the affected area rapidly, via pre-planned

waypoints. It must deliver all the necessary supplies safely and accurately to the local people.

Furthermore, the drone must be able to search the area, in order to find new recipients who are in need,

so as a new mission can be organized. After its mission, it will return to the base via a different route, so

as to avoid conflict with other missions. All in all, the drone will repeat this mission under any weather

condition until the need of aid will be decreased and a large mission be organized to evacuate people

from the devastated area.

For more information check competition’s official website