Our Team consists of 3 Departments: Mechanical, Electrical and Marketing


The responsibilities of this department affiliate with the design and construction of the quadcopter. The team must:

    1) Design every part of the drone using 3D CAD programs

    2) Analyze all the sketches, using computer-based programs, so as to:

      i.) Correct mistakes that may arise during the drafting process

      ii.) Simulate durability, aerodynamics and efficiency of drone under real circumstances of the competition

    3) Construct the drone using 3D printing, method which allows us to:

      i.) Construct a durable and lightweighted frame with the less possible cost

      ii.) Experiment on new ideas for the aerodynamic sector and the functionalism of drone

    4) Develop an aerial drop mechanism which will be used to complete the mission of our challenge


The responsibilities of this Department affiliate with programming and all the electrical components of the drone:

    1)Develop a code in the opensource platform Pixhawk, which offers a wide range of apps for autonomous aircrafts, using C#, Python and C++

    2)Search for the electrical components of the drone and configure them, so as the drone be efficient.

    3)Map checkpoints using a recording camera installed upon the drone, which will give the drone all the necessary feedback to drop medical kits exactly where we want to, without any human interference

    4)Set up the website, using WordPress


The responsibilities of this Department affiliate with the administration of the team and its’ promotion on Social Media:

    1) Raising of the necessary resources for the Project

    2) Promoting of our team on Social Media

    3) Making presentations in conferences and meetings

  4)Creating the interface of the Website in cooperation with the Electrical Department